Our Sponsors and Business Contributors

Sponsorships connect your business to a diverse audience of prospective customers while directly contributing to the vitality of the community.  You will receive additional exposure to tens of thousands more through our media and promotional opportunities.  Our audiences are drawn not only from the immediate community but regularly from a 100 mile radius including the Portland, Salem, Eugene and Willamette Valley regions.

For specifics as to how you can expose your goods and services to a wider audience please contact:  info@siletzbaymusic.org or by calling 541-264-5828.

Our Volunteers

Volunteers are a key component to the success of our Festival. We offer a wide range of volunteer opportunities including housing musicians, donating lunches and/or dinners for the musicians, selling tickets, and assorted administrative work. If you are interested in becoming an integral part of an exciting music festival, please email:
or call 541-264-5828